Healing Arsenal

Currently working on a painting with this poem incorporated to publish posters of.

The Greatest Weapons I will ever

Wield are my Words.

I WILL use them to Cut Negativity out of My Life.

Slice & Dice hatred,

Spread Love like butter,

Until we are all Jamming on the Peace Train.

Time to Teach.

United Songs Synching Up,

Pound with the Cadence

Demonstrating the Route to:

True Peace & Prosperity.

Redefining Priorities.

Acknowledging Our Greatest Assets;

Souls Sowing Seeds of Cooperation!

Wisdom Growing Exponentially in Fertile Minds.

Generations Realizing


Reflect Another Side of Ourselves;

Without which,

We would each be Lessened.

Evolving Speech

Builds Bridges,

Brains and a more

Bountiful Universe!

When Languages Erect Barriers,

Or our Own Emotions

Seek to Steal our Voices,

We Transcend the ‘Merely Verbal’

By Creating Art

Which Evokes Visceral Emotions.

Unleashed Artistic Expression can

Quench our Thirsty Spirits!

Speak Up,

Spark Inspiration


Flames of War

Will Die for Lack of Fuel.

Every Sole will already be

Dancing around a Bonfire Built Together;

To the Rhythm of our Communal Heartbeats.


Proclamation of Empowerment By: Carina Seastar

Lessons Learned: Taught By; Mother Nature

I still have an Important role to Play! Like that bit of shell that can become a Wing to lend my Sculpture Flight.

I often Seek shells & stones for making Sculptures.

On a beach walk, I saw a piece of shell that was

A perfect Fairy Wing shape.

I turned it over, noticed some horse dung on the reverse &

dropped it before deciding the poop hadn’t made it any less Beautiful.

I could wash it off in the Ocean.

Rinsing it, I had the Epiphany:

Although circumstances sometimes “shit” on me,

I too can be Washed clean & am no less Worthy!

Further along, I saw a broken shell & thought:

It’s still perfect for using in my sculptures



Although I once thought I was “Broken” by my experiences,

I still have an Important role to Play!

Like that bit of shell that can become a

Wing to lend my Sculpture Flight.

Later I thought I saw a whole,

perfectly formed sand-dollar,

That when rolled over by the surf came away in two pieces


Acknowledged that:

Although someone may ‘appear’ perfect,

They too may be deeply wounded.

I am having Meaningful Conversations with the Wisdom of the Seas.

You too can Watch for these discussions in your Own Lives.

Mother Nature’s a Powerful Healer

With Important Lessons for All.

Learn to Listen to Natural Rhythms by

Surrounding yourself in the

Music of our Forests, Beaches, & Wildlife.

Just as Kelp washes up & Fertilizes dune vegetation,

No Life Lived is Better or Worse than

The Most Vital, Key Ingredient, Required for Success!


Written By: Carina Seastar

Manifesting the Present

Heaven can’t Enfold More Beautiful Mysteries Than we Create When we Redefine The Meanings…

Heaven or Hell,

Pleasure or Pain,

It’s all the Same…

Which will you Choose?

They’re both Here & Now!

No Hell could Hold

More Torture

Than We Inflict

When We Believe

The Labels “They” Feed!

Heaven can’t Enfold

More Beautiful Mysteries

Than we Create

When we Redefine

The Meanings…

Intentions Form:

An Empowering.

Words; Wings.

Actions Catalyze.

Together We Rise

More Alive!

By: Carina Seastar

Occam’s Razor

(This will hang with “Today I Shaved”  & a 3 part mixed media fabric installation to illustrate both. Planning to add a metal component as I was recently offered basic welding/metal sculpting instruction through a friend. I intend to forge a large Razor to bridge the distance between the life-sized artwork illustrating the first portion of the poem with the artwork portraying the last few lines.)

Still in need of old knotted ropes & anchors for this project.

It was all she could see through swollen eyes.

Hazy thoughts held onto what it offered.


Her outstretched fingers reaching…

Hope had long ago fled for surviving intact.

The promise the razor whispered of

Pulsed in her loud, like music.

A chant of determination

Focused her attention to a pinpoint.

Thick heavy ropes,

Braided over each moment of her childhood,

Held her tightly bound in painful knots.

Each anchoring strand

Engraved with memories.

Only her swollen eyes


Outstretched fingers

Could be seen

Underneath the mound of misery.

Still she struggled.


Her sigh of near defeat released just enough breath

To finally wiggle within reach of the razor.

In the name of love,

She had allowed each new binding.

To protect the flesh of her blood kin

She had been willing to shed her own.

Long after they had flown away,

She finally realized the only one left to protect was herself.

They told her she was broken.

She thought they were right.

The razor was within her grip.

She licked a tear to moisten her tongue,

Cried out, & slashed deeply.

As the weight left her body,

Her soul rejoiced in relief at the release.

They looked on expecting death…

Her naked, raw, emotional dancing shocked them instead!

By: Carina Seastar

Stormy Seas

Setting Sail aboard the ship of the Argonauts on a healing journey through creativity.

I was named after a star constellation that is the keel of the ship of the Argonauts. Life has led me through some unsettling swells. I recently embarked on a healing journey of discovery, inventing myself anew. Welcome to my continuing adventures in creativity…

I haven’t found an art form I don’t love & am eagerly exploring new styles as often as possible! I have taught classes on everything from funky sock monkeys to feathery Mardi Gras masks; basic jewelry to fairy houses & seasonal decorations to small sculpture with found objects & hot glue. There isn’t a crafting project I wouldn’t enjoy playing around with long enough to teach it to others!

I took my first formal studio art class at the local community college in Fall 2016. My first college class since I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 1997. Although just prior to this a friend was unable to determine which stick figure drawing was mine & which was her young granddaughter’s; I did earn an A in Drawing my very 1st term. (I gifted my friend her favorite drawing; the subject matter might have still made it difficult to tell it was drawn by me since it was toys. I had grown enough skills to tell what each toy was though!) Followed up with another A in Painting my 2nd term Winter 2016. I paid for the 1st class with earnings from teaching crafting at the county library & earned free tuition for one class per term when I was hired as part-time assistant librarian at the community college to cover my 2nd & 3rd terms. Although the school was not offering a studio art class Spring term, my professor & academic director collaborated to offer me an independent study course so I could continue my art education without needing to pay out-of-pocket or commute further afield.

Someday I will have enough money from selling my autobiography illustrated with my artwork & public speaking engagements to establish a foundation for offering expressive arts therapy on the coast to a typically underserved rural population. I hope to offer free classes, materials, studio space, gallery space, performance space, etc. Ideally on a large property capable of supporting yurts for weekend or longer retreats for clients to use. I also fully intend to be a public advocate for: Ending the stigma around mental illness, Ending the silence that perpetuates cycles of abuse & Promoting the powerful impact of expressive arts therapy in healing.