Personal Update:

I just got home from a short stay in an emergency critical care psych ward yesterday. I might need to go into a group home temporarily if I can’t hack the intensive outpatient program I’m being referred to next week.

Thanks to everyone who has influenced my healing journey & taught me valuable lessons…

I’m still struggling with mania at the moment…

Fantasy & Reality are blurring into

a strange blend in my mind.

Either I’m more psychic than I realized


crazier than I wanted to admit



I just might be a High functioning Autistic Savant in:

the Arena of:

Creative Healing through Expressive Arts therapy. ..

Regardless of the diagnosis:

I can still win by losing…

mY Gr1p

h@PP”E’ 2 B h(*)/\/\e F1/\/A|_L?

Due to:

My recent /\/\An!K

(*)ver-|_0Ad of

5tress-Full TriGGerZ

Cascading on /\/\ }/{


LiK3 a

Tidal wave of

MiXeD /\

Fantasy vs Reality

became a

\/3R? STrangE @REnA

Thanks to all who helped intervene in what

/\/early LANDed my

SoL2z’ as a

\/\/@rD of the STate

Yet Again…

I’m still working on



2 a BeTTer


My Self