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I’m Making a COMMITMENT to MYSelf to Ask MYSelf how I would MOST ACCURATELY deScribe PersonALiteees & Circumstances & WAIT For my Internal Dialog to REACH a CONCLUSION RE: wheather ForeCASTS PREDICT if I AM in the MOOD to InterACT w/those situational flavorings @ THIS Point in TIME or NOT! … I CAN RECRUIT Collaborators for my MissaChieveNESS AdVentUres TEAM any TIME I CHOOSE to & Although, I may not receive anyone’s initial vision of perfect CANDIDATES in my deSired Opportunity Window; I can Select the best FIT 4 the TEAM We’re BUILDING 4 exCITing UPComing Soon Projects-while DREAMing of Future Proposals, withOUT SPINning my Wheels Worrying until I HAVE a BluePrint Plan in Place! Selected Applicants may Advise ME; final Target Zone GOALS WILL Continue to Constantly Shift as SPIRALing Healthy Growth often does. Those Critical FINAL Decision disCussIons aBout which ACTION Agenda Items to PRIORITIZE are NOT anyBody’s business BUTT


Every Skill I NEED to reSearch MethodOliGeeze for BETter TrainINg Curriculums is ALREADY in My grasp. NO Longer will I cling to Weighted Deadlines or whoSE StandArds I want to APPLY while LearnINg to RISE ABOVE the quagMire. I WILL Gladly Accept Competent Collaborators & Training WILL BE Provided…

Recent Lessons

By Giving AWAY Energy I needed to Shepherd for MY Greater Well BEING Good to Everyone I encountered whom I perceived needed a BOOST without DEMANDING Equal Value because I so UNDERVALUED MY Contributions;

I Begged for Scraps & TRIED IN VAIN TO EARN More to GIVE away to those in greater NEED from Sources Incapable of Providing HEALTHy Provisions from their HEAPED HIGH feast table of Toxic LIFE SKILLSETS by PROVING I COULD Meet unATTAINABLE to INVISIBLE JUDGE & JURYies’ Standards’ without understanding What their or MY Internal Values actually were because I had always gone along with what I was told they were…

I was so InGROSSed in figuring out every inconsistent & constantly changing possible RULES of Constantly Changing Permutations of Life I couldn’t recognize I ALREADY POSSESS the Knowledge of how to TEACH How to FORGE NEW TOOLS when Traditional Options have not MET My Desired Dreams to Achieve faster real positive growth progress on the continuum towards an IDEAL WORLD before Forward Momentum ceases to be Winding up the SPRINGS of Success Launching & Decays into a desert of wishFULL Thinking.

Ongoing Discoveries

I find myself shutting down & tuning out when something about a particular situation occurring in the present has triggered an unrecognized Emotional Flashback Flood Even Before I’m able to clearly identify what has occurred or what aspect of the current triggered the Emotional Malevolent-Storm… What has helped me tremendously was starting a blog & working hard to edit my story’s words to reflect my Wisest Intentions & Actually LISTENING to my Living Mirrors Observation’s of my Process; While Simultaneously TUNING DOwn my Internalized Mental Peanut Gallery of DECISION INFLUENCERS… I am sharing it PUBLICLY in the Hope that My HARD WON Epiphanies will Help EVERYONE Discover Their Own Unique Set…