Authoress Update

I’m attending undergrad art classes a 2 hr commute from home 3 days a week & living on my own again. Studying ceramics, drawing & design as I prepare my grad school application portfolio. I earned a merit Scholarship to pay for tuition this term thanks to my good grades! I intend to begin writing more blog posts again soon too. I’ll also begin posting pictures of 3D artworks I’ve been working on. At least 1 of the installations I intend to create this term will be classified as “Eco-Art” and hopefully will be integrated into an Oregonian forest trail.

I still struggle with searching for hope and finding frustration.

Yet taking steps towards the impossible goal somehow is as necessary as breathing to me. I may never reach my goal of becoming an Expressive Arts Therapy Advocate, traveling around the world speaking publicly about its benefits. I may never get a Ph.D. or publish books on the subject. I may not practice as an Art Therapist or even get my Master’s in Art Therapy. I might not even get accepted to Graduate school & I sure as heck don’t know how to pay for any of it…


I WILL keep taking whatever steps towards those goals I’m capable of -no matter how many obstacles the world keeps throwing at me!


Author: Carina

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