Re-blogged because I believe it too

Threes Difficulties arrive in waves, lending weight to the theory of threes, the plunging fund, a failed engagement, the self’s doubt, all combined to inflict the particular misery of the ongoing, the continued, inelegant fate that declares us human. Look, she says, the hummingbird flits from leaf to flower, its wings beating 58 times a […]

via Threes — O at the Edges

Author: Carina

@Zp!R1Ng eXpREss!VE ArTZ Ther@p1ZT on A hE@L!NG J0uRNEy of My 0//n.... I"LL Sh@RE ; !FFFFFF U C@rE 2 KEEp w@TCh 0VEr 0Ur C0mmUNiTY!!!! 4 uS @LLLLLLLLLLL }{

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