Thanks 4 All the LoVe duRING my much needed inTerVeNTion. I’m ​finaL? @ hoME in my OwN SkIN. Also: Back frOm a temporarily interupted hospital stay -while Dr’s assisted in helping find soME bAL@Nce. ManiA reduced to a MAn@geABLE LeVeL. I WILL B tAking CAre of M?SeLF 1sT 4 a While… With heLp From gRE@ TeAMmaTeZ!!! Thanks for believing in me when I had forgotten how to…

Author: Carina

@Zp!R1Ng eXpREss!VE ArTZ Ther@p1ZT on A hE@L!NG J0uRNEy of My 0//n.... I"LL Sh@RE ; !FFFFFF U C@rE 2 KEEp w@TCh 0VEr 0Ur C0mmUNiTY!!!! 4 uS @LLLLLLLLLLL }{

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