Stormy Seas

Setting Sail aboard the ship of the Argonauts on a healing journey through creativity.

I was named after a star constellation that is the keel of the ship of the Argonauts. Life has led me through some unsettling swells. I recently embarked on a healing journey of discovery, inventing myself anew. Welcome to my continuing adventures in creativity…

I haven’t found an art form I don’t love & am eagerly exploring new styles as often as possible! I have taught classes on everything from funky sock monkeys to feathery Mardi Gras masks; basic jewelry to fairy houses & seasonal decorations to small sculpture with found objects & hot glue. There isn’t a crafting project I wouldn’t enjoy playing around with long enough to teach it to others!

I took my first formal studio art class at the local community college in Fall 2016. My first college class since I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 1997. Although just prior to this a friend was unable to determine which stick figure drawing was mine & which was her young granddaughter’s; I did earn an A in Drawing my very 1st term. (I gifted my friend her favorite drawing; the subject matter might have still made it difficult to tell it was drawn by me since it was toys. I had grown enough skills to tell what each toy was though!) Followed up with another A in Painting my 2nd term Winter 2016. I paid for the 1st class with earnings from teaching crafting at the county library & earned free tuition for one class per term when I was hired as part-time assistant librarian at the community college to cover my 2nd & 3rd terms. Although the school was not offering a studio art class Spring term, my professor & academic director collaborated to offer me an independent study course so I could continue my art education without needing to pay out-of-pocket or commute further afield.

Someday I will have enough money from selling my autobiography illustrated with my artwork & public speaking engagements to establish a foundation for offering expressive arts therapy on the coast to a typically underserved rural population. I hope to offer free classes, materials, studio space, gallery space, performance space, etc. Ideally on a large property capable of supporting yurts for weekend or longer retreats for clients to use. I also fully intend to be a public advocate for: Ending the stigma around mental illness, Ending the silence that perpetuates cycles of abuse & Promoting the powerful impact of expressive arts therapy in healing.


Author: Carina

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